Multi Channel PIM

Connect your source data to one place and push out quality content to catalogs websites and more….

“Lockside guys have changed our publishing workflow completely – now we do it in half the time with a smaller team and no creative restrictions!” @Robinsons Equestrian

New Publishing Hub

Do you have people in more than one location editing content?
Are your catalog’s produced in another location?
We have the solution that overcomes these with our multi channel pim
Would you like to manage content for many languages with regional variations?
Geni-Sys is designed to do that using our Publishing Hub and DataChannels®

Our publication builder intelligently builds multipage documents using sophisticated templates. You can define how each product group will look, right down to DTP styles and image positions. It synchronises images to show the low resolution image but uses the high resolution image on output to page at the production centre, avoiding the burden of moving large files across the network. It can also update content on multiple web sites, each linked to a DataChannel.

Multi channel PIM (product information management) is now an indispensable marketing tool.

Obsessed with technology? Guilty as charged.
It’s how we get results.

Lockside has worked with some of the world’s largest companies and seen the problems they face first hand. There is so much scope for doing things better.