Why it’s better

It’s simpler and cheaper to run

GENI-SYS allows untrained users to do complex queries and makes task as simple as possible; many will need no training.

Cloud ready

Of course it can run on your in-house server but the trend is towards outsourcing to the likes of Amazon. GENI-SYS was developed as a cloud application, including image storage, importing and exporting, redundancy and backup.

System changes and maintenance

When a system has been specified, changes are generally made by programmers with all that that entails. Genisys allows administrators to add new fields, to restructure hierarchies and to build new reports with very little training.

Import and export

We make it easier to import and export content because we know how time consuming data entry can be. Importing and exporting data from a system usually requires professional IT support.

Links to web shops and catalogs

We can provide links to web shops and catalog production systems, the key to which is the right data structure and the modern system architecture, provided by GENI-SYS (see the technical section)