Travelscene used Catalog’nTime as a single CMS for brochures and web

The travel industry deals with consumers, but with a difference. It may cost the same as, say, a computer but you can’t take a holiday back to the shop and you can’t replace the priceless two weeks that you have dreamt of for months on end. Content is key. Errors can be devastating. To control the process in-house was Travelscene’s number one aim. The number two aim, which should be the same for all organisations, was to have the same content for web and brochure.

Travelscene had developed the look and feel of their publications over a number of years and did not want to sacrifice an essential part of their brand by introducing a system. It was essential that Catalog’nTime would allow them to keep the design and layout but reduce the time taken and increase the accuracy.

Knowing that the data came from their own repository gave them the confidence to reduce the proofing time substantially and all but eliminate errors.

Automatic price panel building, the key to brochure productivity

Most travel brochures use price panels and Travelscene’s was no exception. Laying out and accurately managing these is challenging and people intensive. Using Catalog’nTime’s data communication feature price panels were built and styled, automatically, without re-typing data saving days and eliminating re-keying errors. Updating prices is done together with copy updating so that nothing gets missed and it becomes part of the auto-update procedure, simplifying the workflow enormously.