Technical Overview

Agile development

GENI_SYS is an entirely new product built by a team experienced in agile development and multi-channel systems to solve a real world the problem of managing a million products for multiple channels at a sensible cost.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing provides cost effective scalability on demand, redundancy according to need, flexible bandwidth high performance without capital outlay. 24/7 availability and minimal IT support.

Connecting to other systems

A RESTful web API is used to provide quick access for developers. At its simplest RESTful web services are used, for example, to get geographical coordinates from a place name provided by Yahoo PlaceFinder. To get systems to communicate in a seamless and secure fashion with minimum developer involvement a simple, secure open protocol is essential. REST is an open data protocol using HTTP protocols that can be tolerated by firewalls.

System scaling

GENI-SYS is currently running a pilot with over 500,000 products, over 40,000 images, over 2,500 attribute types and categorised to nearly 2000 UNSPSC codes. Running in a cloud environment scaling processors, storage and redundancy is instantly available.


Classification aids search and selection, especially when thousands of products are involved. GENI_SYS allows multiple leves of classification. Increasingly classification systems like UNSPSC are being used by industry to rationalise purchasing and manage inventory. Web sites and catalogs have to be categorised and spit into sections that help customers to navigate their way to a purchase as quickly and simply as possible.


Using the channel or publication metaphor GENI-SYS is designed to hold “sets” of products selected for different channels. These can be ordered and classified independent of the core classification by overriding only within the channel.

Attributes and product comparison

Product comparison on web sites depends on consistency of product specifications. Genisys has been designed to help manage product attributes efficiently and consistently. Attributes such as size, weight, diameter, voltage and thousands more can be grouped and managed to avoid common problems such as mm, (mm), length (mm) or length mm being used before checking on the existence of the other. Consistent attribute descriptions makes for effective product comparison and better product information. This is not just semantics but core system structure.