Catalogue production used to take us a good 18-20 weeks – including a lot of late nights – from starting product selection through to sending the completed artwork to the printers. Thankfully that all changed when we opted to automate our catalogue production with the implementation of Catalog’nTime.

It changed the way we worked for the better, without imposing any creative restrictions. It now only takes us 8-10 weeks to complete a catalogue and that’s with a smaller team of people working on it.

Catalog’nTime software builds catalogue pages using Quark XPress or InDesign and uses product data stored in your SQL database, which has helped to reduce the risk of errors as we’re using database driven content directly.

The software is designed to manage large numbers of products for eventual display in a catalogue, on a website or both. . It achieves this by allowing you to create group templates that you then apply to whatever groups of products you wish.

The Quark/InDesign attributes are defined in these group templates, which allows tasks such as image placement, box lines, backgrounds, font and colour selection to be automated.

It wasn’t always plain sailing but luckily there’s a great support team to mither, as well as online support, video tuition and a manual.

Jill Deane – Product Marketing