Product Information Management

20 years experience and years of development in one new system

Easily build the campaign data you need

DataChannels® let you build subsets of content for catalogs and web sites in many languages.
You can automate catalog building and the updating of web sites.


Manage millions of products. Works with other systems to add the flexibility needed for product information management (PIM) or master data management (MDM) and digital asset management (DAM)

A cloud application for managing rich product information in a multi-channel situation, it holds text, images and attached documents. Using DataChannels®, selections of products are grouped and managed for catalogs and web sites or any other application requiring data feeds for selected products and families of products.

Multiple languages and regional differences can be managed allowing prices to be segmented, non-regional products removed from groups and local images attached.

Case studies

Cromwell, leaders in industrial supplies, produce catalogues of up to 2000 pages as well as numerous smaller publications. Worldwide markets call for publications in multiple languages with regional differences in content and design.

Installed in 2014, production is expected to commence before the end of the year. With more than a million products and associated images, implementation is as much training and familiarisation as it is technical preparation.

The system uses the catalogue production engine to produce pages with as much automation as can be achieved. It is anticipated that catalogues will be produced in half the time or less.