Major Enhancements to Geni-Sys

Today we have deployed some important enhancements to Geni-Sys page automation. A simple drag and drop process lets users change the position of a group of products on a page without access to dtp. Users can now auto-paginate a DataChannel (collection of grouped products) and then quickly review the layout and adjust in on screen without the need for DTP skills or software. Any modifications made are automatically transferred to InDesign or Quark XPress the next time the page is published.
Users can also change the look of a product group and the space it takes on a page by selecting a group template from a drop down. The system automatically paginates with full control over back fill or knock on.
We have also deployed new tools to configure complex product tables where simple rows and columns are insufficient to present the products in their clearest form, which will please those with complex technical products. The tables format can be defined in Geni-Sys and the correct table format will be built in InDesign or Quark XPress, automatically.