GENISYS simplifies the business of managing product content, descriptions, specifications, selling points, dimensions, often missing from other systems in the organisation and frequently sitting in spreadsheets and word processing documents. It is aimed at those organisations with thousands or millions of products who need to push clean content to ecommerce, and paper catalogs.

Multi-national organisations need to manage products and content from anywhere in the world, which is why we built a web ap that can be run in the cloud and which has a true web2 user interface. Many of the innovate features are listed below.

Query Builder

In the time it takes to show someone how to build a query – build a widget and add it to the dashboard for everybody to use.

Report Builder

Don’t call up an expert, just select the columns you want in the results of your query and save the template to the dashboard and use it again and again.

Field Manager

New product range? New legislation? If you need new content just add a new field. Add the field to a group and use it for product comparison

Data Importer

Update content from spreadsheets instead of re-typing. Update prices form an import. Attach images. Build a picking list or products for a campaign

It’s quick, easy and effective.

For a start it’s designed to run securely in a cloud like SalesForce and other leading apps.

It’s been carefully designed to allow complex product specifications, groupings, classifications and a scheme to manage them in sets for campaigns ranging from mailing to web sites and catalogs.

It uses web services to provide the most effective hooks to access information from other corporate systems and to share the information is holds.

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