Launch of Tyre Safety Site in New Zealand

Lockside Software Successfully Launches Tyre Safety Website in New Zealand

Government bodies and other tyre safety enterprises commissioned Lockside Software, who are based in Newbury, to create a website for ‘Tyre Awareness’ Week in New Zealand –

Peter Ritchie, Managing Director of Lockside Software said “New Zealand doesn’t seem so far away after doing this project.

Using a combination of Basecamp, which is a web based project management software and Skype, the whole operation has gone quite smoothly.

End to end, the project took six weeks and given the number of organisations involved and the tricky bits like the need to incorporate a competition onto the website, the entire process has surpassed expectations.

Like most website build projects it was a moving feast and a lot of the time was spent either changing or enhancing what had initially been decided.

While some may see it as a little strange to be building a website for a client on the other side of the world, it actually worked really well because they tested and commented during their working day and we then fixed and amended during our working day.

Luckily, there’s an hour or so cross over and this is where a Skype call often resolved any queries either parties had.

We’re actually finding that our business is becoming much more international, both in terms of those we work for and those who work for us.

After a while you stop thinking of jobs as overseas and treat them all the same. In fact, the tyre safety website came hot on the tail of a German one we’d been working on in seven different languages!”