Example Scenarios

Organise tables of products with the same attributes

Geni-Sys is designed to build tables and option lists automatically as well as handling accessories, goes with, up-sell, cross-sell and alternative products. Ranges of products are usually presented as options so that the colour, size or other attribute can be selected from a drop down or appear in a table. Arranging products in this way is very manual and time consuming in many systems and it is important to have the same attributes for each of the products if product comparison is a goal.

Pick seasonal products for a campaign

Test searching to find content in a description is effective but limited. The use of attributes (which can be compared with columns and their headers in a table that relate to a product) is much more effective when picking for a campaign. Attributes give marketeers the ability to provide all the information that customers need as well as selecting campaign specific attributes and their associated products.

Set up a campaign for a set of new products to test market

A batch of new products has been selected for market testing before being committed to the main product range. They can be treated as normal products but segmented from main campaigns until the decision has been taken to run with them or not.