Business to business

An Irish-owned business to business company, Promed has been trading for the past 22 years. More than 4,500 Medical Practices and Dental Surgeries throughout Ireland depend on them for their supplies. Pro med is a one-stop-supplier with an extensive range of more than 5,000 products from needles and swabs to sophisticated diagnostic equipment.

Despite a new e-commerce site where practitioners can search and browse for products, Promed recognises the importance of catalogues. For many years Promed successfully used a system written in-house but needed to shorten the production cycle and reduce the work involved. Their search for a new system narrowed to two companies that matched the required features and budget. Lockside’s Catalog’nTime was selected because it delivers flexibility and a high level of automation. They were particularly taken with the “drag and drop” page make up and the sophisticated table building and styling.

Publication Edition Pages
A4 example page Dental 295
A4 Medical 350
A4 Dental Hygienist 150

Promed’s requirement

  • Integration with existing systems
  • Automatic table building
  • Updating of all data
  • Index generation
  • Flexibility
  • Manual page finishing where desired but still allowing content updating

Client Expectations

Most forward looking companies want to be able to use the same content for web and catalogue. Promed wanted this and more. They already had a studio and were used to a digital workflow. For that reason the implementation was particularly fast with the first catalogue starting within days of the contract being signed. Catalog’nTime was installed and populated inside two days,ready for training to start. Inevitably there are stumbling blocks along the way but working on site with the client, Lockside is experienced in overcoming hiccups.

The productivity has exceeded expectations and is in line with Lockside’s claim to do the job in half the time. Lockside kept its pledge of providing total support ensuring that everything was on track and that catalogues went out on time.